Shaolin – Kung Fu City

Shaolin is the capital of Kung Fu- If you’ve ever seen ‘The Karate Kid’ then you can expect this city to feel just like you’re in the movie! Our visit here was very short, but I think it was just enough time to see and do everything.


The schools in Shaolin have their students practising kung Fu for eight hours a day, every day, with only one day rest per year. We visited one of the schools, where the students put on a show to present their skills to us; from backflips to weaponry techniques- we were stunned!

Afterwards, the students taught us a little Kung Fu, which was hard work but super fun, in return Ben taught them some parkour and the Kung Fu master even helped Ben to improve his backflips! It was an unreal.



Kung Fu legends such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan have trained or made films in this temple, therefore making it a must see! However, my favourite part of this trip was hiking to the Dharma Cave, a spiritual spot for Buddhist pilgrims. Here, you will be rewarded by beautiful views of both the shrines and temples in the area. It’s a tough hike but once you’re at the top its totally worth it!

You can also see the Pagoda Forest, although after seeing larger pagoda’s elsewhere, this was quite disappointing. On the other hand, you must check out the incredible kung Fu show, where once again you will be stunned by the talents of such young people.

Sitting in front of  the Shaolin Temple



Dharma statue







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