Fujian Roundhouse

Fujian is a small province in the East of China, famous for its tea, which you can get anywhere in the area. The town feels beautifully ancient, especially due to the famous, Roundhouses. Roundhouses are circular structures, that have their own little villages inside. On the ground floor are shops and gardens, while the otherContinue reading “Fujian Roundhouse”

Ultimate Beijing Bucket List!

Beijing was the most jam-packed part of our trip, but this is where we spent the night on The Great Wall – so all the tiredness was totally worth it! Olympic Park After the worst sleep on the night train from Shaolin to Beijing, we went straight to the Olympic park. Honestly, this was quiteContinue reading “Ultimate Beijing Bucket List!”

Shaolin – Kung Fu City

Shaolin is the capital of Kung Fu- If you’ve ever seen ‘The Karate Kid’ then you can expect this city to feel just like you’re in the movie! Our visit here was very short, but I think it was just enough time to see and do everything.  MASTER YAN SHUANG KUNGFU SCHOOL The schools inContinue reading “Shaolin – Kung Fu City”

Xi’an – A two day plan!

DAY 1 Temple of the Eight Immortals (11:00-13:00) Located on Changle Fang Street in the eastern suburb of Xi’an; Temple of the Eight Immortals is the biggest Taoist temple in Xi’an. Taoism is the philosophy or religion that we should all live in harmony (the yin and yang), and you certainly get a harmonious feeling asContinue reading “Xi’an – A two day plan!”

Chengdu – A review!

Giant Panda Breeding & Research Centre If you love Panda’s then Chengdu is the place to be! This world-famous breeding centre conserves the lives of giant and red pandas through caring, protecting and breeding them in a humongous space of 247 acres. There are very few pandas in the world and that’s what makes thisContinue reading “Chengdu – A review!”

Macau & Hong Kong – A 2 day itinerary.

World’s highest bungee jump – Macau Home of the world’s highest commercial bungee jump, Macau’s tower allows you to descend from 233 meters in just 17 seconds. This is perfect for adrenaline junkies but if you would rather take time to enjoy the view you can skywalk around the edge of the building to getContinue reading “Macau & Hong Kong – A 2 day itinerary.”