The Best Things to do in Jamaica!

A few years ago, my family and I took a two-week holiday to Jamaica, this has to be one of my favourite places ever and one that has stuck out the most! So, here’s some of the best parts of the trip:

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The Best Maltese Adventure! @mcadventuremt

With only three days to explore Malta, it’s safe to say that our time was ram-packed with fun, fear and adventure, all thanks to ‘MC Adventure’.

I would really recommend booking a private guide, this way you can go at your own pace and the guide can cater to your wants and to your ability! As well as this, you will get a more personal experience. There are so many activities to choose from- Ben and I went climbing, sea level traversing, coasteering and kayaking.

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Gothenburg: An Icy Metropolis.

On spotting Black Friday deals for short flights, I rang my boyfriend, Ben, immediately!

To my excitement he suggested he book us on our first trip away together, but with the destination unknown to me. With months of secrets and whispers of planning, it was only a week before we set off, that the location was revealed to me- Gothenburg, Sweden. This random choice of place thrilled me, especially as we soon learned, when we got there, that it’s not a popular city for tourists. The authenticity of the locals and the feeling that we were one of them was part of the reason it felt so special.

After the stress of arriving to our hotel and discovering that we hadn’t yet payed for the room, I had realised that I’d left my phone in the taxi! Ben sprinted after the car like a character from an action film, as I stood, doubting that he would catch up. To my surprise he succeeded, but my phone wasn’t there. As we found our room, Ben got a call from my number, informing us that I’d left my phone at the airport, which I then collected after our five-day trip. This chaos of un-organisation led us to spend the morning planning an itinerary, in which we succeeded. Here it is: Continue reading “Gothenburg: An Icy Metropolis.”