The Best Things to do in Jamaica!

A few years ago, my family and I took a two-week holiday to Jamaica, this has to be one of my favourite places ever and one that has stuck out the most! So, here’s some of the best parts of the trip:


Trek up the jungles waterfall, climbing between rocks, trees and lovely gushing water with the sun sneaking through. Start the climb on a beautiful beach and end it at the top of a 600-foot waterfall, on your way you can relax in the small lagoons, admire the incredible view or take snaps of your journey!

Although I didn’t visit, near to the falls is Nine Mile, the place that Bob Marley was born and the place where he formed himself as the most famous reggae artist. You can visit his house and meditation spot at Mount Zion Rock, you can also learn about his life and satisfy your soul, jamming, in the most iconic place for reggae.

falls 2
Half way up Dunn’s River Falls.


The most popular place for tourists to dive into is the blue hole in Ocho Rios, however my family and I were directed to the wrong place, so instead we visited The Blue Hole in Brighton, Jamaica. Despite the confusion, this turned out to be an awesome experience, without a single tourist and a rocky cave filled with some diving locals, we had a very authentic visit. Diving into picturesque, mineral springs with a deep swimming cave and mud to massage yourself in, this caused for a great contrast in adrenaline and relaxation.

blue hole 1.jpg
My brother, Spencer, jumping into the Blue Hole!


Catch a striking panoramic view of a blue, cloudless sky, with clear waters and silky white sand. Play on the extremely fun aqua park in the middle of the sea or grab some lunch at the BBQ beach hut, try some jerk chicken, or if you’re a veggie like me, then try their delicious golden rice! You can walk the whole length of the beach, or view it all from the clouds as you parasail across it. If neither of those appeal, how about snorkelling, kayaking, taking a boat tour, or drinking at the bar, dancing to the traditional music or simply sunbathing on all the sun-beds they have available. This is the perfect beach to do nothing or everything!

para 8.jpg
Spencer and I taking off for our parasail, with ‘Seven Mile’ beach in the background.


This was by far one of my favourite trips! I enjoyed floating above the cliff edge in an infinity pool, while watching local expert divers, flip and trick into the ocean! Tourists can also give it a go too from lower areas. The atmosphere was spectacular, music blasting, drinks pouring, boats coming in and out filled with excitable people admiring the skills of these Jamaican cliff jumpers preparing for their next stunt at 35 feet high.

If crazy isn’t your thing you can eat at the lovely restaurant and watch the sunset elapse, leaving behind saturated colours of orange and purple. This destination is known for capturing the best sunsets – a must see!

rix cafe 9
Entrance to Rick’s Cafe.
boat 7
Locals getting pulled along by a boat!
jump 6
Local divers, flying head first into the sea!


A dream ticked off the bucket list for me, swimming in the sea with dolphins, that were well kept in their natural habitat. Get a kiss from a dolphin and sprayed at by a sting-ray. Dolphin Cove isn’t just about dolphins! They have sting rays and baby sharks too, which you can ‘play’ in the ocean with. The staff also make the time really fun and make you feel very comfortable in the home of these sea animals.

dolphin 5
Breakfast time for the dolphins.
spit 4
Spencer getting a funny fright by a sting ray!


A very fun day trip – sunbathe to the middle of the sea on the catamaran’s lounger netting, then jump in to the waves, surrounding yourself in colourful fish and beautiful coral. After a good time exploring the waters, hop back onto the boat for a lively journey back to your hotel, drinking cocktails (or mock-tails for me!) Jam to the awesome music, dance with the funny boat staff and grab some snacks as you party with the sun, salt and sea.

jump 3.jpg
Spencer backflipping off the boat!



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