Malta: A 3 Day Adventure

With only three days to explore the island of Malta, I think it’s safe to say Ben and I smashed it! Our first two days consisted of complete fear and adrenaline, courtesy of ‘MC Adventure’. The last was spent wondering through the beautiful city of Valletta, enchanting us so much that we considered to never leave!

Exploring Babu Valley – Ben

DAY 1 – Climb, hike, dine, swim.


Abseiling: 20 minutes from our hotel was ‘Babu Valley’, which is a popular spot for climbers. After trekking through rubble, rock and cliff edges we found the perfect descend for our abseil- an adrenaline powered walk down a vertical wall of stone.

Climbing: We then continued our trek to a humongous canyon wall where we spent most of our morning climbing, and climbing, and climbing, until we reached the top! As someone who has only ever climbed in a soft bouldering room, this was an amazing achievement, as well as an amazing experience!

Lunch: Rewardingly, we then sat outside with a sea view, soaking up the sun, munching on a delicious, traditional, Maltese sandwich.


Sea Traversing: With wetsuits and climbing shoes on we hiked down the steepest valley. Despite fearing for my life, I was mesmerised by the incredible view ahead. Once we reached the ocean we began traversing along the lower part of the rock wall, in an attempt to not fall into the chilly sea! After a while of doing this, I decided it wasn’t for me, so Ben and I leaped into the clear blue water, enjoying a 20-minute swim and snorkel before it was time to head back to the hotel.

rhyia climb
Rhyia climbing –  Ben
Rhyia on the steep valley –  Ben
ben climb
Spot the Ben! –  Rhyia
Ben admiring the view –  Rhyia

DAY 2 – Coasteering and Kayaks.


Coasteering & Cliff Jumps: An exhausting traverse along a rocky coastline led us to great spots for cliff jumping. A trip out of our comfort zone was taken, jumping and climbing our way to a blue lagoon, where we enjoyed a break for lunch.


Kayaking: This was my favourite part of the day! Ben and I shared a kayak and paddled for hours in the middle of the ocean, exploring picturesque caves with the company of our ‘MC adventure’ instructor.


Dinner: Right outside our hotel was a lovely Italian restaurant called ‘Al Ponte’, which looked out to the most aesthetic church I have seen, with a wonderful view of the setting sun smiling behind it.

Kayaking in caves –  Rhyia
Our view of the church at dinner – Rhyia

DAY 3 – The city of Valletta.


Our final day included a relaxed wonder through little lanes, historical sights and famous markets, which are great if you want to buy unique jewellery, hand crafted knick-knacks or artistic souvenirs. We visited the Barrakka Gardens, St George’s Square, and the parliament buildings. We also ate lunch at a local café and tasted traditional Maltese ice-cream from one of the many old-fashioned stools.

As the day came to an end we sunbathed by the coastline, admiring the city, which contrasts the old with the new, reminiscing of the fun we shared on our 3-day adventure in Malta.

Photo by Rhyia
Ben standing on an archaic stadium – Rhyia
Rhyia loving Malta! – Ben








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