Macau & Hong Kong – A 2 day itinerary.

World’s highest bungee jump – Macau

Home of the world’s highest commercial bungee jump, Macau’s tower allows you to descend from 233 meters in just 17 seconds. This is perfect for adrenaline junkies but if you would rather take time to enjoy the view you can skywalk around the edge of the building to get some great pictures! ‘AJ Hackett’ also has many other activities to choose from, including a 360 restaurant.

If you’re planning on bungee jumping, I would highly recommend paying when you get there as Ben and I had a lot of trouble with our booking after paying online. However, the excellent staff sorted this out for us and allowed us to experience the craziest moment of our lives!



Ben’s bungee jump!
My bungee jump!

Tian Tan Buddha – Hong Kong

After a 25-minute cable car ride you will reach Ngong Ping in Lantau island. Here, you can take a short walk through the unique souvenir shops and cool artwork until you reach the Big Buddha. At the top, you will be amazed by its beauty! There’s also a small museum inside the Buddha as well as a magnificent view across the island.

The view from the cable car.
Ben drowning in ice cream!
More cool art!
The Big Buddha.
Surrounding the Buddha.

Afterwards, you can walk through the picturesque square to the Po Lin monastery and, if you time it well, you can enjoy listening to the monks singing in their temple.

If you like Buddhism or exploring temples, then this cannot be missed!

Po Lin monastery.


Bungee jump:








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