Chengdu – A review!

Giant Panda Breeding & Research Centre

If you love Panda’s then Chengdu is the place to be! This world-famous breeding centre conserves the lives of giant and red pandas through caring, protecting and breeding them in a humongous space of 247 acres. There are very few pandas in the world and that’s what makes this place so unique. Continue reading “Chengdu – A review!”

Macau & Hong Kong – A 2 day itinerary.

World’s highest bungee jump – Macau

Home of the world’s highest commercial bungee jump, Macau’s tower allows you to descend from 233 meters in just 17 seconds. This is perfect for adrenaline junkies but if you would rather take time to enjoy the view you can skywalk around the edge of the building to get some great pictures! ‘AJ Hackett’ also has many other activities to choose from, including a 360 restaurant. Continue reading “Macau & Hong Kong – A 2 day itinerary.”

A Costa Rican bucket list!

An all-inclusive holiday, to Costa Rica, with my family, was spent relaxing by the pool and on the beautiful volcanic beach of the Riu hotel in Guanacaste. However, we also went on amazing excursions to parts of the country that can’t be missed! Helping us visit the best parts of Costa Rica, was a tour operator called ‘Alex on the Beach’, who had brilliant tour guides and great deals, covering all the things we wanted to see and do! Here goes the Costa Rican Bucket list (in no particular order): Continue reading “A Costa Rican bucket list!”

The Best Maltese Adventure! @mcadventuremt

With only three days to explore Malta, it’s safe to say that our time was ram-packed with fun, fear and adventure, all thanks to ‘MC Adventure’.

I would really recommend booking a private guide, this way you can go at your own pace and the guide can cater to your wants and to your ability! As well as this, you will get a more personal experience. There are so many activities to choose from- Ben and I went climbing, sea level traversing, coasteering and kayaking.

Continue reading “The Best Maltese Adventure! @mcadventuremt”